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6502 Computer


I did some self learning going through Nand2Tetris. I completed the first 8 chapters and stopped when reaching the high level stuff as that wasn't new. Source

Adrenlinerush UI

Homepage Source Documentation

  • A custom graphical user interface that can be used without X or Wayland.
  • Supports both Linux Framebuffer and EGLFS (KMS/dri) rendering.
  • Supports dual screen as long as both interfaces are on the same card.
  • Written in C++ with QT5
  • Includes:
    • File Browser: has built in media player, markdown viewer, webengine viewer, terminal, vim integration
    • Web Browser: supports tabbed browsing, favorites, search, save to pdf
    • Calculator
    • Terminal
    • Media Player

Adrenlinerush FileBrowser

Homepage Source Documentation

  • File Browser from AdrenlinerushUI compiled separately to be used with X.
  • Has integration with LibreOffice


Homepage Source Documentation

A cli video player that can be used with framebuffer, drm or X. Mplayer like controls.

Adrenlinerush Documentation Site

Site Source

Website playing around with:

  • VS Code devcontainers
  • Node
  • Pug
  • Bootstrap

Debian Packaging Scripts


Scripts/pattern used to build packages in the Bookworm Apt-Repository.

Retro Landing

Site New Un-Deployed Source

A webpage rendering proxy written in python for retro machines that cannot understand modern HTML\CSS\JavaScript. Reads in real time from rss or HTML and renders in a format that windows 3.x browsers can understand including changing image format and size. It appears that some sites and rss feeds have changed and it needs updating. I've restructured the existing code and cleaned it up so I'm ready to start fixing things. This new code isn't deployed as of yet.

IR Controls and GPIO I2C LCD Display for moc (Music on (the Console)


Python script to use an IR Remote to control moc and an I2C attached LCD to display whats playing.

Curses Solitaire


Solitaire for the Linux shell using python and ncurses. Written with structured programming methods.

FabGL Solitaire


Solitaire for the ESP32 VGA using FabGL library and OOP.


AdrenlinerushUI-Python - A GUI that runs without X or Wayland using either framebuffer or drm via QT5 written in python. It features a VNC Client, Calculator, File Browser, Terminal, Media Player, and Web Browser.

Le Potato Laptop Project - Abandoned in favor of Chromebook.


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