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About Me

Hi, I'm Austin. I'm computer nerd living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love the snow, hunting, fishing, hiking and all the other great outdoors things we get blessed with up here. I'm currently working remotely as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at John Deere.

I'm an Afghanistan vet. My co-workers always seem to get a kick out of me pulling a chinook at Bagram Airfield with a John Deere.

How long have I been working with computers? Well my earliest memories are with my first computer. It was a Commodore PC 10, basically a IBM 5160 clone. Of all the things I miss about the old computers, CGA graphics isn't one of them. Here's a picture of me with it. I am probably using Printmaster to create a banner in the late 80's.

I've had quite a few computers since then. I recently went all aarch64 (ARM64) at my house. I even turned off my DL360 G7 server. Decided I didn't need that sucking the power up. I now have an Orange Pi 5 as my desktop, an original Samsung Chromebook Plus, I converted to Linux, for my laptop, and an Orange Pi 800 to hack on. I hung a couple 6tb drives in an USB3 raid enclosure of my BPI-R3 to serve as my NAS and replaced the computer on the TV with a Le Potato. So far so good. My newest computer\fastest computer prior to the switch (other than the rackmount server) was a very old Thinkpad T430. So performance wise, its a very slight upgrade. Power consumption should pay for the switch in a short time.

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